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The Author in the Corner Office

Almost four months ago, COVID-19 disrupted businesses large and small, forcing many to shutter, and nearly all to reevaluate company fundamentals like employee safety procedures, WFH policies, and go-to-market channels. As we noted, corporate leaders had to make difficult decisions, and communicate them effectively. As we now enter the fourth month of quarantine, individual states

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Will 2020 Wipe Out the Instagram Star?

Wired Magazine recently published an article, “Could the Coronavirus Kill Influencer Culture?” – and many other news outlets have posed the same question, from the New York Times to Vanity Fair. All this commentary seems to focus on the same influencer makeup: globetrotting fashionistas that make us envy their latest trips, newest bag or overall

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OG Newsletter

From Panel to Podcast: A Success Story

How did we land Tom Schoenfelder, Principal Scientist & Head of Academic Research & Partnerships at Caliper on the “Outside Game” podcast? It’s all about patience, persistence, and timing. It started in 2019, when we first landed Tom a coveted panel spot at a major sports business conference, where he shared his experience assessing thousands

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Download Page: Affiliate PR 101

Thanks for registering! Please click the link below to download our Affiliate PR 101 one-pager, and start optimizing your e-commerce site for media coverage in gift guides, product roundups, and more. Want more info? Find out how our client achieved over 72 percent ROI with PR affiliate links. Schedule a 30 minute PR consult with

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