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Resound Takes Home Top Honors with PR News “Social Shake-Up” Award

Talk about a #latergram…in all the craziness of 2020, we never had a chance to celebrate an exciting award! Back in May, the Resound team was honored to be named a winner in The Social Shake-up Social Media Awards, recognizing exceptional work of social platforms and digital teams in the social media industry.  Resound took

Affiliate-Driven PR Boosts Comma Home’s Sales to Deliver Over 100% ROI on PR

If you’ve ever searched a media site for a gift idea, you probably noticed that product lists and roundups these days come with one small…but significant…disclaimer – that if you buy something via a link from the story, the outlet may earn a commission on the sale. This is affiliate-driven PR at work. And savvy

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Can Your Press Coverage Drive Sales? Introducing… Affiliate-Driven PR

The Intersection of Affiliate Marketing and PR Means New Opportunities for Brands It’s an age old debate…can PR drive sales? There’s no question that PR can help establish a brand, build credibility, and create visibility – all of which absolutely have an impact on your bottom line over time. But the ability to direct track

How PR Turned Baby Shark Into a Piece of World Series History

If you hear the words “Baby Shark” and the song starts to play in your head on repeat, you’re not alone! But Baby Shark isn’t just for kids anymore…in the fall of 2019, it was also the walk-on song for Washington Nationals baseball player Gerardo Parra. With a directive to help client WowWee’s Baby Shark