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From New To Known:
By Driving 300M+ Impressions, Major Awards, and Increased Web Traffic, PR Took Travelers Haven From Category Launch To Acquisition in Just Two Years


Travel & Hospitality Tech
By clearly establishing category leadership through PR, Resound helped position Travelers Haven for steady visibility and a successful acquisition.

PR Results


Earned Placements




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Web Traffic Growth


With a unique technology platform and proven relationships across the country, Travelers Haven was well-poised to launch a new category of “workforce housing on-demand,” setting the standard for meeting the short-term housing needs of nomadic workers in an increasingly tight market. The challenge: as the industry’s best-kept secret, Travelers Haven needed PR to boost awareness of their service offering and reach decision makers in the critical professions they serve. With an eye towards potential acquisition, the company also wanted to raise its profile, and establish itself as a credible competitor in its industry.

We kicked off with a clear objective: launch the category, generate media interest, and support Travelers Haven on its “mission to acquisition.”

Why Resound

  • We’re experts at launching new categories
    We’ve worked closely with CDA to support category launches and lightning strikes.
  • Experience across key verticals including housing and HR
    We tap into our longtime experience in the HR/ staffing space, coupled with deep roots across industry categories as well as mainstream media, to get the attention of investors and prospects.
  • Extensive media contacts across categories
    Our unique balance of traditional pitching with creative and experiential outreach garners respect and strong relationships with media and influencers.
  • Experts at positioning CEOs/brands for thought leadership
    We know what it takes to put thought leaders in front of the right audiences.


We put in place the key messaging and materials for the program, then kicked off with an official announcement to establish and reinforce category positioning – extended by a full court press to key media to build dialogue and start cultivating opportunities for bylines, interviews, and other coverage. The ongoing program included the following components:


From media relations to brand elevation and ongoing strategic counsel, the PR program effectively increased visibility and credibility for Travelers Haven, ultimately contributing to its acquisition by global proptech leader Blueground.

Resound was able to tap into its longtime experience in the HR/staffing space, coupled with deep roots across industry categories as well as mainstream media, to get the attention of the investors and prospects that ultimately moved the needle for Travelers Haven.

In addition, Resound helped drive a 3-5x surge in organic website traffic to their site within a span of two years. Before our strategic initiatives, their monthly site views hovered around 1700. However, through diligent PR efforts, this figure soared to an average of 4200 views per month.

Notable Placements

Title: 40 Under 40 winner: Carlos Abisambra
Date: March 3, 2022
Title: Top Company 2022: Tourism and Hospitality
Date: October 24, 2022
Title: A Colorado company helping nomadic professionals find short-term stays in our tough real estate market
Date: April 29, 2022
Title: Hotels report staff shortages as inflation, remote work keeps employees away
Date: October 5, 2022
Title: Is the CDC’s eviction moratorium keeping affordable rentals off the market?
Date: August 6, 2021
Title: Stuck with a Stipend? Here Are 3 Ways Travel Nurses Can Easily Find Housing During a Housing Crunch
Date: December 27, 2021

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