Gift Guide Season Starts…Now!


Gift Guide Season Starts…Now!

Do you have a product that’s gift-worthy? It’s time to get noticed. September is the beginning of a holiday frenzy that lasts right through the end of the year. Want to get mentioned in gift guides and holiday stories? Let’s talk today.

P.S. For online coverage, having an affiliate program set up is ESSENTIAL. If your product is not already sold at a big box retailer like Amazon, Target, or Walmart, make sure you have ShareASale or a similar program set up on your e-commerce site. Need more info? Find out more about our Affiliate-Driven PR Programs, or contact us – we’ll do a free 30 minute consult to answer all your affiliate and holiday gift guide questions.

Starter program priced at $5,000 per month – includes:

  • One pitch to target media per month for 1-2 “hero” products
  • Affiliate planning and set up as needed
  • Press materials and sampling coordination
  • Ongoing program management and reporting

Requires 3 month minimum investment. Affiliate setup strongly recommended for short-lead – may incur additional fees.

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