11-fast-companyKnow who you’re pitching. Know who you’re pitching.

It’s worth repeating a million times. Poorly targeted pitches get bad results, and – more importantly – waste writers’ time and ruin relationships.

In order to position USC’s online Master of Social Work program as a source of valuable skills for aspiring business men and women, we thoroughly researched writers who would be interested in this specific topic.

The research led us to Christine Bader; a talented writer and well-published contributor to several high-profile outlets.  Also, Christine is personally involved with corporate social work and corporate responsibility – making her a perfect fit for the pitch.

The time devoted to researching our writer surly paid off – Christine jumped on the topic and wrote a beautiful article featured in Fast Company.

Read the full article here:

Is The MSW The New MBA?


The MBA is now the most popular master’s degree in the U.S., making up one quarter of all such degrees conferred. But a few schools are recognizing that a different course of study might better serve both aspiring business leaders and the world at large: a master’s in social work.

The University of Southern California’s School of Social Work just launched a business concentration for its students, and a number of universities now offer joint MBA-MSW degrees.

The cynical might assume that social workers are simply trying to make more money as government and social service budgets continue to shrink. (And why shouldn’t MSWs be able to pay off their student loans like everyone else?)

This post was written by Christine Bader for Fast Co.  featuring Resound Marketing client MSW@USC, find the full article here.