Will 2019 be the year of the baby? Nowadays, it’s nearly impossible to scroll through our feeds (and we all know how much time we millennials dedicate to our screens) without seeing tiny humans. Maybe it’s because of the increase in today’s most influential celebrities having babies – we’re here literally trying to keep up with the tiniest Kardashians (what’s the total count up to now?), Beyoncé (you know, Queen B) giving birth to twins and still looking fierce as ever, or the raw truths Cardi B shares about the reality of this first-time “mommy job.” But let’s be honest – it’s not just celebrities, babies are taking over our friends’ pages, too.

The rise of the Millennial Mom and their Cute Counterpart seems to have become an unstoppable trend – and everyone is taking note. Even the media is changing the way they talk about motherhood. No longer is it a stale topic for Boomers and Gen X; it’s finally getting a fresh pass with topics and tones Millennial Moms value most. Here we’ll explore how brands can capitalize on this trend, while still maintaining the genuinity and authenticity that millennials demand.

Influencer Partnerships

It’s a known truth that social media is where most millennials spend their down time. Are the Apple Weekly Reports haunting you, too? Brands can use this medium to tap into the influential parents that their target audience already follows – and actually relates to. While we’d love to think of ourselves as the everyday Kylie Jenner, odds are most of us can identify better with moms like Jaimie Kight, Lauren Midgley, and Tara Henderson. While oftentimes there is a monetary exchange required for top-tier influencers in this space (#ad), you can always try an earned approach first. While this is never guaranteed, a first step would be to research your product on one of these platforms and see who may already be a fan. This worked well for us with our favorite fashion guru/media genius Eva Chen, who was thrilled to get a personalized package of Pinkfong Baby Shark Sound Dolls from WowWee after we spotted her kids loving the tune – so much so that she shared it on her Instagram story! Yes, it might take more time to see that post go live, but it’s certainly a worthwhile approach as it’ll be an honest review their audience will trust and appreciate.

Celebrity Gifting

We all know that not everyone can gift Stormi her very own Louis Vuitton bag. But, did you catch the bare confessions of Khloe Kardashian and Cameran Eubanks as they shared their struggles with breastfeeding, or Hilary Duff looking for help with colic? Do you have a product that could help with these pain points? Or, maybe you spotted your product in a more organic post – like when Chrissy Teigen’s kids were spotted with Comotomo*, or Jessica Alba’s son looking happy as ever in his Jolly Jumper*. That opens up a great opportunity to send a care package thanking them for the love! Keep a beat on the latest news in pop culture to see where your product or service can fit best. It’s unlikely to benefit from an impersonal product mailer, but if you take the time to watch and invest in a celebrity’s interests, chances are they will appreciate your thoughtfulness and you’ll get the shout out of a lifetime.

Being Raw & Real

Full disclosure: millennials value… full disclosure. Was your product designed after a traumatic event that you experienced during your parenting (or pregnancy) journey? If you’re screaming “yes,” then share it! There’s no need to be silent about something that resulted in a learning because odds are, we’re going through it, too. We want to hear those truths about mommyhood that older generations wouldn’t voice. That’s how Jill Smokler’s media company Scary Mommy* got its start! And there’s more: Freshly Picked* was launched because Susan Petersen was frustrated by the lack of well-designed baby shoes; Lisa Greenwald created Chewbeads* after noticing babies were drawn to her jewelry; Michele Welsh founded SafetyTat* after feeling overwhelmed at a crowded amusement park; the list goes on. The media craves real stories like these – and with a little PR magic, you can nail the earned placements that companies and their founders dream of. So, what’s your story?

Boast Functionality

Millennials love convenience, so how will your product or service make their life easier? Are you making bath time a breeze? Are you making teething more tolerable? In addition to learning about your backstory, Millennial Moms want to know how your product will resolve their day-to-day struggles without any added hassle. LugBug* has become known for making carrying those awkward (and heavy!) car seats much easier; Itzy Ritzy’s* Milk Boss Feeding Pillow is loved for making feeding more comfortable (and giving your hand back!); and EZPZ* has made its mark by taking the mess out of mealtime. Brands and products with purpose are worth raving about – and, you can also boast multiple uses. For instance, telling the story for Dapple was not only about safe cleaning for kids – since it was designed to clean breast milk, we were also able to boast how it worked wonders on those hard to clean smoothie cups! Why not show all these uses off?!

Don’t Forget About Dad

The image of a father sitting on a recliner watching the game is no longer our reality. Millennial Dads are taking a more active role in fatherhood than ever before, and we’re loving it! It’s becoming more common to see dads with their babies – not only on TV commercials for top brands like Luvs* and even Amazon Echo*, but also in that highly-followed celebrity category we touched on earlier. Remember how quickly everyone defended Daniel Craig after being shamed for using his baby carrier? With websites like Fatherly becoming more popular, this is a segment that’s still pretty fresh and new, but one we expect to grow with the year.

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