In Public Relations, some of your best ammo comes from the relationships you build. Beyond the dozens of pitches reporters consider daily, there are many other articles they are investigating silently that you may not be privy to. That is, unless, you’ve built a relationship as a trusted resource.

Make Friends, Build Relationships.
Educating reporters on what your clients can offer as an expert – notably, insights to data and trends – can pay off in dividends and push you to the top of their rolodex. But patience is involved. Whether it’s in a national business publication, or one of the top industry trades, filing away this background info doesn’t mean that this education and relationship-building was in vain. Rather, reporters will revisit this information and contact you as their source when a relevant story is assigned to them.

While it’s helpful to keep feeding storylines to reporters– especially ones with data and third-party validators that point to a trend –it’s also important to check in once in a while to see what they are working on and how you can help.

In this case, Adweek, one of the advertising and media industry’s top source for news and trends, was preparing for their “Ad Tech” issue, which hit stands on October 26. As Resound Marketing works with many industry innovators in the advertising space – including advertising viewability analytics firm, Moat – we knew this would be an opportunity to help out the on-assignment reporters where we can. And that’s when Lauren Johnson, well-known digital marketing reporter for Adweek, came to Resound to tap into the resource pool for her story on mobile ad viewability.

Be a One-Stop-Shop Resource.
With the deadline coming up, Lauren was in need of data and expert insights surrounding scroll speed in mobile ads, especially how fast people scroll and whether it affects viewability. Initial data turned into a conversation with Moat CEO, Jonah Goodhart, about the much larger debate over viewability in mobile, especially where the Media Relations Council (MRC) currently stands on viewable ads.

The Result?
As we often say when we explain what we do, we’re in the business of telling stories and building relationships. In this case, we’re thrilled that a reporter we’ve enjoyed working with was able to tap into Resound’s resource pool to help develop her article.

The article appeared in Adweek’s October 23 “Ad Tech” issue, as well as online. You can read it here:

How Can Marketers Be Certain Their Mobile Ads Are Being Seen?

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