Calling All Female-Led VC Firms and Entrepreneurs! Let Us Tell Your Story

As a woman-owned business, we might be a little biased…but we know that female VCs and founders have some of the most compelling PR stories to tell. Introducing Resound’s Female-Funded Visibility Program – designed to drive press for women-led startups, VC firms, and VC portfolio companies. Let us share your unique story, experiences, philosophies, and insights with the media that matters most. We can pitch a combination of founder stories, expert commentary, and more – as well as promote funding, M&A, and other news as it happens. Each campaign includes:

**Deep dive into your story, unique differentiators, and key messages

** Development of a targeted media list across VC, business, finance, national, trade, and other press

**Creation of compelling pitching angles to land press interest and coverage, with proactive pitching and announcements each month

**Ongoing monitoring of the news to respond with timely commentary and story ideas

**Regular strategic counsel for interviews, media dialogue, and other marketing activity

**Detailed reporting across coverage, share of voice, and more

Why Resound? We’ve worked with companies across a range of categories, including tech, CPG, financial services, food & beverage, non-profit, parenting & toys, and much more. We regularly position strong female founders and business leaders for press coverage around industry commentary, expert advice, growth stories, key milestones, product launches, and more, as well as submit for key awards and lists to increase industry visibility.

I’d love to hear from you personally so we can discuss what approach might be best for you. Contact me at ilana@resoundmarketing.com.