WeWork Magazine Profile: Resound Marketing

WeWork Magazine sits down with Resound Marketing Principal & Co-Founder Kevin McLaughlin to explore the “art of the start” for this growing PR firm with offices in NYC (WeWork Empire State) and Princeton.

Do What You Love is a ongoing series that showcases the entrepreneurs behind emerging companies. While Resound is considered an emerging company itself, its specialty is helping other emerging companies establish mind share to grow market share.


“Challenging yourself on a regular basis gives you the confidence to dive into new areas. Resound is an industry generalist by design, so we take on almost any field. Technology is where we have the deepest experience, but we’ve branched out to other industries like lifestyle products, nonprofits and online education. We’re pretty fearless. Our willingness and vigor to attack the learning curve and flatten it allowed us to build the business that we are today.”

Read the full article at: http://www.wework.com/magazine/members/take-step-back-get-outside-perspective/