Self care trends and PR tactics for brands

by Ali Krueger

Self care has moved beyond a trend, evolving into a $10 billion industry. It’s a movement sweeping the nation, and everyone from consumers to brands are jumping on board quickly. It has also presented a world of new PR opportunities – here’s what we’re seeing in terms of how brands are capitalizing on the movement and how the media are covering it:

Everyone is talking about it: Consumers can’t get enough, so naturally the media are covering it from every angle. There’s a huge opportunity for media coverage through the self care lens. We’ve seen product round-ups, launch coverage like this Shape piece about our client Dermstore’s self care “PTO” (Pamper Time, Obviously!) kit, and a countless number of how-to articles. New outlets completely dedicated to self care are even being created, like the Girls’ Night In newsletter that gives women ideas on what they can do during a night (or day, or even weekend!) of self care. Celebrities are also on board, and proud to show their own routines. We’ve seen a lot of coverage featuring celebrities’ self care secrets, like in the People.com piece here.

Brands are adapting: Brands are also recognizing the opportunity, and customizing offerings specific to these consumers – with deals such as two months free of Skillshare for GNI subscribers. Others are developing completely curated product offerings that fit the self care category – like Dermstore’s PTO kit, Lululemon’s new line, and the Pinch Provisions Self Care Package – or, positioning products in a new way to appeal to consumers looking for self care product suggestions, like Hypervolt and Headspace. This also means changes to the way brands talk to consumers. There’s no longer guilt in putting yourself first or indulging in a glass of wine if it means recharging your battery. This could also have an impact on financial considerations. Consumers who wouldn’t typically spend $100 on a skin care product or invest in a meditation app subscription may now be categorizing those purchases as necessities…instead of splurges (guilty!)

Practicing self care is all about the journey, not the destination. And all signs point to the fact that consumers are in for the long haul. Examples of self care can include a technology detox and healthy meal prepping to one person, or binge watching Game of Thrones and indulging in dessert to another…so there’s no one way to do it. That means we’ll likely continue to see opportunities for brands in all categories to take advantage of the trend, in order to connect with consumers on a more personal level and engage with them in a new way.

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