Entrepreneur: Resound Principal Kevin McLaughlin on Startup Don’ts

What Not To Do: Lessons From ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’

How can you avoid being a wolf in entrepreneur’s clothing?

Contributor Rebekah Iliff  asked an array of prominent professionals for their insight on being an ethical entrepreneur. Resound Marketing Principal & Co-Founder Kevin McLaughlin offers some advice as part of a list of do’s and don’ts for staying on the “great entrepreneur” side of the line.


Don’t have arms longer than your pockets are deep. Taking financial risk and money from people — investors or customers — when you are unsure if you can deliver on a promise is a temptation for entrepreneurs during early-stage growth.

Kevin McLaughlin successfully built his firm, Resound Marketing, by making it a habit not to over promise. Instead, he chose to set up realistic expectations upfront about services they could deliver.

“As an entrepreneur, sometimes your arms can be longer than your pockets are deep depending on what stage you are in — the prospect of cashing in can be tempting,” he says. “Ultimately, you’ll always be able to trade on your reputation, no matter what your bank account may look like. Be cautious to not risk that reputation for an easy score: It just may cost you more in the end.”

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