Client Love! SoapBox Name Drops Resound in PR Week Story

08-pr-weekWhen your business strategy is working, people notice. The first priority is to get customers to notice, but it’s also essential that professional publications take note too. Those publications give company’s the chance to talk about their culture, best practices, and goals – which is great exposure.

This is exactly what happened when client Soap Box Soaps, a delivery soap service that makes a donation for every sale, was featured in PR Week. The placement allowed Soap Box to go into detail about their highly effective and charitable business practices – including their PR agency, us! Thanks for the mention Soap Box!

Read the full article online here:

CEO Q&A: David Simnick, SoapBox Soaps

How large is your comms team and what PR agencies do you work with?
Resound Marketing in New Jersey aids us with our PR strategy. Internally, we have a director of communications who is supported by three to four interns.