Can Your Press Coverage Drive Sales? Introducing… Affiliate PR

The Intersection of Affiliate Marketing and PR Means New Opportunities for Brands

It’s an age old debate…can PR drive sales? There’s no question that PR can help establish a brand, build credibility, and create visibility – all of which absolutely have an impact on your bottom line over time. But the ability to direct track the path from a single piece of press coverage to an individual sale has not always been easy…until now.

Introducing affiliate PR: a new trend where affiliate marketing and the media intersect. Content creators have long used affiliate marketing to generate revenue – posting product recommendations that include a link to buy, and earning a commission on every affiliated sale. Now, we’re seeing top-tier media outlets like Wirecutter, Today.com, Insider, People, Buzzfeed, and others employ a similar tactic – incorporating commissionable links into their online stories.

But this isn’t affiliate marketing as we know it; affiliate PR meets a higher standard. Simply setting up affiliate links for your product isn’t enough. As anyone who has worked with the media knows, you must have a relevant hook, a quality product, and a thoughtful pitch in order to earn meaningful press coverage. That’s what makes affiliate PR such a game changer. It still merits the awareness and cache of earned media. But it also creates a direct link between press coverage and product sales like never before.

And of course, like traditional PR, affiliate PR is not a magic bullet. One press clip may drive many sales, one just a few, one none at all. The most successful program is a sustained one – creating a steady drumbeat to build sales, along with share of voice, over the long-term.

Which is exactly why we’re so excited to launch our new Affiliate PR Program – dedicated specifically to working in partnership with the media to provide smart, timely, compelling content for their affiliate-driven stories. Of course, we’ll get you fully set up on an affiliate platform and handle all of the administration, negotiation, and coordination. But we’ll also apply our trademark creative pitching and media relationship building to generate real results for our clients.


…Build and manage brand profile on a media-friendly affiliate platform, designed to attract key media

…Establish and negotiate commission rates and rules

…Vet media requests to optimize outlet quality and reach

…Engage with media with our trademark proactive, creative pitches to create, coordinate, and close story opportunities

…Manage all dialogue, tracking, and reporting

Ready to make money from your PR efforts? If you sign up by September 15, 2020, we’ll cover your affiliate setup fees – a $500 value. Contact us today to get started: makesomenoise@resoundmarketing.com.