Resound helps businesses large and small "make some noise,"
through integrated programs for PR, social, and more.
Resound helps businesses large and small "make some noise," through integrated programs for PR, social, and more.


More than just a pitch or a post - we tell stories. Great content is at the heart of our approach, and guides the core tenets of the Resound way:

  • Sustained Momentum

    We create stories that go beyond the news or a launch, feeding a steady stream of compelling content to customers, partners, prospects, and the press to establish a regular and consistent presence for our clients.

  • Accountability

    We become a part of your story, working as a partner in your success - offering the access and transparency of a smaller firm, with the range and experience of a larger agency.

  • Cross-Market Reach

    We know how to tell a story that resonates across multiple audiences, industries, social platforms, and media categories - getting our clients wherever they need to be.

  • Business-Centric View

    We take the time to understand your story, aligning our programs with your business goals and other marketing campaigns.


Our programs are designed to fit within your marketing mix, align with business goals, and most importantly...move the needle. Whether you need a focused PR effort, organic or paid social, or a fully integrated marketing program, here’s how we make the magic happen:

  • Media Relations

    Regular interactions and placements across mainstream and niche media. We map your story to the outlets that reach and influence your target audiences.

  • Thought Leadership

    From contributed articles to expert commentary. We create compelling narratives for your corporate and executive vision that will drive your business and industry forward.

  • Social Media

    #Winning social strategies to engage audiences and amplify your brand. We help clients turn what is often considered a time-suck into a savvy marketing tool.

  • Events

    Trade shows, consumer events, press meetups, and more. Whether we’re fully planning it or simply promoting it, we ensure you have a killer presence that makes an impact.

  • Speaking & Awards

    Dedicated programs to secure speaker placement and pursue awards. We boost credibility by elevating executive leaders and expanding your brand presence.

  • Desksides & Sampling

    One-on-one meetings to build relationships with key press contacts. We get you in front of the right media, and put your products into their hands.

  • Content Syndication

    Extend the reach of your content and hard-earned media placements. We manage sponsored opportunities such as satellite media tours, content syndication, MAT releases, and more.

  • Global Communications

    Extend your communications worldwide. We work with a network of trusted PR partners with feet on the ground in the countries and regions that matter to you.